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Markwayne Mullin proudly supports use of Native American mascots…

One of the most insidious racial slurs against non-white people are when they are told they’re not thought of as a minority. It totally shoots down their history and current struggle, letting people know that, to be a minority, you have to act and behave a certain way to please them.

In those regards, Rep. Markwayne Mullin is, as he claims, an Indigenous individual.

That being said, perhaps even sicker is being a sell-out that gives up your own people for a materialistic climb up the Oklahoman Republican ladder. This too is Mullin, as captured in a Tweet last week that no one asked for and, more importantly, no one needed.

Check it out:

In case you were unaware of it, Mullin is no way impacted by sports mascots and, thoroughly believes, that they do no harm to Indigenous individuals. As a matter of fact, he ties it all in to erasing history and other bits or Republican nonsense in the constant attempts to re-write history.

What’s funny about this missive is that no one asked him his opinion of them, but, for some reason, felt that it had to be put out there, just in case you forgot what a chunky scumbag he truly was. Thankfully, many people came out against this. It’s one time when the Twitter outrage brigade was using their powers for the side of good.

Of course, few made me laugh as hard as this one…

Regardless, of course Mullin doesn’t feel the hard-edged mocking of team mascots because, as I’m sure he’s referred to by his white colleagues, he’s one of the “good ones.” You know…the Natives who don’t want respect in any form, cowering in a corner and playing their game of testicle handling as a form of dirty worship.

So, while Mullin might be a Native, know that he doesn’t represent the true Indigenous people of Oklahoma, with his hateful bravado, spiteful rhetoric and, in the case of January 6th, hilarious cowardice where that supposed warrior soul hid from the angry white mob just as Custer ejaculated in his grave.


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