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Breaking News: Sane, Tolerant People Speak at Edmond City Council Meeting!

Last month, we let you know about the batch of right-wing Edmond zealots who put their impressive intolerance on display when they attended an Edmond City Council meeting to ferociously complain about the town officially recognizing June as Pride Month.

You know, people like this lady:

Although Pride month has come and gone, and some of the residents have moved on to other culture wars to fight, some of the folks still can't let the Pride month rainbow dissolve into the sky. You know, people like Connie Thayer.

At last month's meeting, she made warped and illogical arguments that Pride month shouldn't be allowed because other groups, like heterosexual women, don't get their own Pride month.

Underdeterred by her lack of success, late last week, Connie called on her fellow "patriots" (a.k.a. right wing intolerant people who lack critical thinking skills and have a very flawed understanding of liberty) to attend the next Edmond City Council to further yell and complain, and in the process, embarrass themselves and their city.

Staying on brand, she made sure that her call for patriots was as incoherent and nonsensical as possible. Check this out:

Before we continue, I just want to say mental illness is not a laughing matter. If you are currently struggling with your mental health, or know someone who is, well, I hope you don't live in Oklahoma! We don't have a lot of resources to help you, but you should still click this link for more info.

After Connie's post made the rounds on social media, there was a lot of speculation about what the turnout would be, and how many We The People Patriots would show up to let their proud hate and intolerance shine. The answer? Hardly any!

Although Connie and that 'Murica bigot dude made some remarks, virtually everyone was there in support of Pride Month, with many citizens sharing why it's important and all that stuff. Here's the full meeting if you want to check it out:

Although I swear it's not intentional, usually when we write about Edmond on this site it's about some of the nutjobs who call the place home. You know, like intolerant bigots who speak at City Council Meetings or affluent white men who profile Black delivery drivers or warped Karen's training people for Civil Wars or college-aged kids who call the cops after they get their fake ID taken away.

I have to admit, it's kind of refreshing to see that not everyone is that... dumb? And that there are actually normal, compassionate people who don't judge or hate others based on who they love. We should all thank the people who showed up to the meeting for speaking their mind, supporting the LGBTQ community and reminding us that not everyone who lives north of the Oklahoma City metro is a right-wing intolerant wacko. Great job!

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