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Kevin Stitt forgets how to use stairs…

9:22 AM EDT on June 23, 2021

Governor Meathead is at it again.

Early this week, Kevin Stitt visited McAlester to score some meth to tour the city's high school with his Education Secretary, Ryan Walters.

During the visit, Walters decided to show everyone how cool, relatable and unqualified he is by sliding down the center railing of the stairwell. Not to be outdone by one of his sunshiny subordinates, Stitt eagerly followed, sliding down the rail handsfree like he was snowboarding the slopes of Santa Fe while Oklahoma was under a state of emergency.

The scene was captured by McAlester News on Tik Tok:

Wow. Pretty cool, huh? To one-up the Governor, State School Superintendant Joy Hofmeister will now have to do cartwheels through the cafeteria on her next school visit.

After sliding down the rails, Walters and Stitt moved to the library where they looked up dirty words in the dictionary and laughed at all the losers reading books. After that, they snuck into the bathroom to vape with all the cool kids and eat out-of-state marijuana gummies.

Okay, okay. I'm just joking around, and making fun of Stitt – Oklahoma's elected Governor – for thinking that sliding down a stair railing while visiting a school that he'd probably like to cut funding to somehow makes him cool. I guess you can't blame him for thinking that. Check out this tweet by his principal yes-man and Chief-of-Staff – Bond "Pork Chop" Payne:

Yeah, they really are this cool... says a guy with the Twitter handle "Porkchop."

Anyway, I've probably written 250 more words than I should have about this man yells at cloud topic and should wrap it up. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We'll keep you advised.

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