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coronavirus in oklahoma

7 ways to incentivize Oklahomans to get vaccinated!

11:05 AM EDT on June 8, 2021

With only 34% of Oklahomans being fully vaccinated and the Department of Health administering fewer and fewer vaccinations every day, it doesn't seem like the state is going to reach herd immunity anytime soon...unless we start getting creative. Many states are offering cash, festival tickets, and other freebies to motivate their folk to vaccinate and it's about time we do the same. In fact, here are 7 ways to incentivize Oklahomans to get vaccinated!

1. Complimentary Ranch

I don’t even think the Health Department needs to offer anything else to give away with said complementary ranch. Oklahomans will find a use for the 2 oz plastic tub.


2. Free Billy Sims Autograph

My family once stood in line for over half an hour to buy $40 in brisket from a folding table in an Elk City Homeland for a chance to get an autograph and a handshake from Billy Sims. Take a barbe-cue from that experience and use him to incentivize Oklahomans.


3. A Cameo by the old Braum’s girl

No offense to the new Braum's girl, but she puts the “hot” in “Braum’s Premium Hot Chocolate Ice Cream and we should milk her talents for all it's worth. Nothing would motivate Oklahomans more than the chance to win a custom Cameo by the Braum’s commercial lady thanking them for “joining the herd—for immunity.”


4. A Shotgun Raffle

If it’s good enough for West Virginians, it’s good enough for Oklahomans.


5. Lotto Tickets

I can see the tagline now. “Why gamble with your life when you could gamble with the Moderna vaccine?”


6. A “Book-It” Style Pizza Program

As a former Oklahoma kid, I can say with certainty that the Pizza Hut “Book-It!” program single-handed raised the average reading level of the average Oklahoman by at least two grades. As a current Oklahoma adult, I can say with certainty that I would be hella motivated to get any vaccine the Health Department offers if I got a little foil sticker to collect on a card to exchange for a personal pan pizza.

7. A Sonic Hard Seltzer

Anheuser Busch may be offering a free beer to every American adult once the nationwide vaccination hits 70%, but you’re not going to reach a 70% vaccination rate in Oklahoma unless you give the people what they want…and what they want is an Ocean Water hard seltzer.


Bonus: 94% Chance of Not Getting COVID-19

I mean, it’s probably worth a shot.


Vaccinated and motivated. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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