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No, Louis Fowler Did Not Try to Pawn a Deceased Sheriff’s Deputy’s Guns

I’m guilty of many bad things in my wicked life, but I have to say that no, I didn’t try to sell a deceased sheriff’s deputy’s guns for quick cash, at least not that I’m aware of.

Wednesday morning I received a text from a casual friend—very casual—with a link to the KFOR story jokingly asking if I had something to tell them. The story was about former Logan Country Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Tauer, who is currently in jail for 12 counts of trying to sell a cache of guns that belonged to his roommate, fallen Sheriff’s Deputy David Wade, to Heather’s Pawn Shop in Guthrie.

From KFOR:

The two were roommates and shared a common gun safe, but Wade had sold a portion of his guns to his mother before his death.

According to probable cause, Tauer stole the guns and sold at least a portion of them to Heather’s Pawn Shop in Guthrie just a day after Wade’s death.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation investigated the case. Brook Arbeitman, Public Information Officer for OSBI, says investigators were able to prove the guns had in fact been sold to Wade’s mother by locating a notarized bill of sale.

And while I might somewhat resemble the accused, I can promise you, dear reader, that it was not me, mostly because I’m an anti-gun liberal that will more than likely be shot dead in the street. But, also, I was nowhere near Guthrie on the dates in question, especially nowhere near a pawn shop. But a restaurant, that’s a different story…

Though I haven’t been accused by anyone other than the texter, like me, Tauer is pleading not guilty to the charges, include one charge of felony embezzlement and eleven charges of misdemeanor false pawn. While I fully admit to using pawn shops over the years for getting rid of things like musical instruments and camping equipment, I have never sold a gun of any kind and, even if I had one, I definitely wouldn’t sell it, especially with my familial history of police employment.

Regardless, here’s a homemade mugshot of myself in my room…hey, wait a minute! We look nothing alike! Son of a bitch!


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