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Jimmy Kimmel Lampoons Oklahoma’s $2-million Hydroxychloroquine Hoard

Does Jimmy Kimmel have someone from Oklahoma on his writing staff?

Back in September, he mocked our state's large percentage of anti-maskers while hosting the Emmys. Now, less than a week after he made fun of Mike Morgan's reaction to a dog with six legs and two anuses, the late-night host lampooned Kevin Stitt's regrettable $2-million purchase of Hydroxychloroquine tablets. It's a topic we've covered here and here.

That was okay. I think the copy could have been a little better, but, from an Oklahoma perspective, it was neat to see our tourism department's b-roll footage used by someone other than the OKC Chamber of Commerce or an energy company for a Thunder commercial.

Also, I guess it's nice to our see state's fancy new generic logo – that we first leaked – finally put to good use! I bet when Kevin Stitt approved it he was thinking in the back of his mind "That logo will look nice and sharp when late-night comedians mock my stupid decisions someday."

Naturally, the video was shared by partisan national news websites that like to point out the moronic, wasteful, politically-driven mistakes made by dopey politicians who only want to appease Trump:

Anyway, it will be neat to see what aspect of Oklahoma's Coronavirus response Kimmel mocks next. Maybe they could record some fake hostage videos of Oklahoma artists praising Stitt so they can receive breadcrumbs of Covid relief? Those would be funny to watch.

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