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7 good news stories Oklahomans probably missed last week!

10:00 AM EST on February 23, 2021

Happy Tuesday, my fellow Oklahomans! Now that our temperatures have risen almost 70 degrees since last week, Oklahomans and their water pipes are finally starting to recover from the Siberian Snowpocalypse 2021. Due to water shortages, rolling blackouts, and impassable roads, many of us were too focused on surviving and cyber-bullying the governor to stop and smell the roses. So here are 7 good news stories you may have missed last week!


More Vaccination Rounds Are Opening

In an apparent attempt to appear as though he’s doing anything for our state to navigate the pandemic, Governor Stitt recently announced that more vaccination rounds will be opening this week, which means more Oklahomans will be eligible to get their vaccine.

Speaking of shots…


Takeout Cocktails May Soon Be a ThingIf it passes, House Bill 2122 would allow for some restaurants to sell alcoholic beverages in to-go orders. Now the only judgement I’ll get for ordering a “margarita for 2” by myself is from myself.

But restaurants are the only innovators in this town…


The Girl Scouts Are Getting Crafty

Along with partnering with Door Dash to make their annual cookie deliveries, Oklahoma Girl Scouts took part in a Contactless Cookie Contraption contest in which girls applied STEM technology to develop tools to safely and effectively delivery boxes of cookies during the pandemic. Quick! Somebody make a patch for “Highway Infrastructure Development” so maybe we can get I-235 finished.

We know the ability to travel is important to our governor. But thankfully…


Everyone Forgot About Stitt Traveling to New Mexico

Thanks to Texas Senator Ted Cruz traveling to Cancun with his family while Texans were left freezing in winter weather with historical power outages, everyone in the media seems to have forgotten about Stitt’s recent trip to New Mexico during Oklahoma’s storm. So good news for Stitt, I guess.

At least Oklahoma has one example of self-less leadership in this state, because…


The Edmond Fire Station Saved a Dog

A local dog was saved by a small crew of Edmond firefighters after he fell through an icy pond. I am more than willing to see tax and fireman calendar purchase dollars go towards endeavors such as this.

Especially in cold-ass weather, we need some heart-warming animal stories like this and…

This Otter on KFOR

Eastern Oklahoma’s alligators may not be having a grand old time bobbing up for air between ice sheets this week, but some OK critters are keeping their cool in the cold. In this video on KFOR, Sequoyah State Park Nature Center resident Harry P. Otter puts the “blast” in winter blast as he frolics and plays in the snow drifts.

I probably watched this delightfully pallet-cleansing video on KFOR about his antics at least 5 times while writing this blurb, mostly to get my mind off of…


The Giant Fireball

Folks in Western Oklahoma witnessed a giant green ball of fire shoot across the sky Friday afternoon. Now, I don’t know if it was a meteor, a UFO, or Jesus H. Christ returning to earth. But I do know that I’m no longer as stressed about my internet being down for the last week now that I have this fireball to worry about.

It’s all about perspective, man.


Hayley is a lifetime Girl Scout. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek and become a contributing member of TLO here.

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