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5 Classic Oklahoma Snow Day Activities

9:52 AM EST on February 15, 2021

By this point, most of us have gotten used to being prisoners in our own homes. Other than the people I see pictures of partying without masks that I internally scold, we've had to get better at occupying ourselves.

But it hits different when a snowstorm hits. It's cold as shit and slippery and there's not much else to do but sit in the warmest room in your house and listen to your faucets drip. Here's some ways to bide the time:

Complain To OG&E

This should be the first thing you do. Even if your power hasn't gone out yet, it probably will. Call, email, tweet, whatever you prefer, with your most righteous indignation. It won't change a damn thing but that incompetent utility company deserves the full brunt of your wrath.


Read An Ancient Gazette

You're probably not going anywhere today, so why not clean your car? There is probably a four-year-old OKC Gazette on your floorboards that you grabbed on the way out of a restaurant and never bothered to read. Dig it out and check out a glowering restaurant review of a place that has likely shuttered by now.



Build A Kevin Stitt Snowman

We got nice and fluffy snow, perfect for engineering all manners of snow construction. Pay tribute to our very cool and competent businessman in chief and make a frozen statue of him. The important part is getting the forehead right, but with enough ingenuity, you can pull it off.


Rewatch Tiger King

Remember the early days of 2020, when everything sucked and we all endured daily trauma? Well, none of that has changed, but at least the world came together and bonded on the Tiger King series. Get nostalgic and revisit the cultural touchstone that put an Oklahoma legend on the map.



Get In A Car Wreck

There are few activities Oklahomans cherish more than driving around in giant motor vehicles oblivious to everyone else on the road. Sure, we've got the Oklahoma Standard, but as soon as you get behind the wheel, anyone who is not you is suddenly a dickhead who doesn't deserve to exist. And when inclement weather happens, well, crank that attitude up to ten and completely forget how to drive. As the millennials once said, 'YOLO.'

What are your plans for the snow day?

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