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Crazy Carol Hefner now DMing random Facebook commenters!

Yesterday afternoon, when news came out that President Joe Biden was making the predictably partisan move to halt construction of the divisive and controversial Keystone Pipeline, our local congressional delegation's PR flack machine was fully armed and ready to pounce with their tried, true, and incredibly tired talking points.

For example:

Wow. Reading that kind of felt like watching some streaming show from the early parts of last decade, only not as enjoyable. It's nice to see our society return so fast to its old toxic levels of distorted partisan political rhetoric before the next Civil War.

Inhofe's post got the attention of a local woman by the name of Ambia Cail. The self-described "Martha Stewart wannabe" fired off this comment to let Senator Senile know how she feels:

By Facebook comment standards, that's a pretty fair and, overall, benign comment. In fact, I'd say it's a viewpoint shared by a majority of Oklahomans on both sides of the political aisle. You only have to go through five or ten or twenty oil busts to know that having an economy totally dependant on extracting a currently over-supplied natural resource that, oh by the way, is contributing to the environmental destruction of our planet, probably isn't the best economic plan. It's good to have multiple industries and sectors supplying jobs to your state.

Well, that is unless you're an insane partisan racist troll lizard who lives in an alternate world where sanity, reality and brain cells don't exist. You know, a world populated with people like deranged OKC Socialite Crazy Carol Hefner.

Not too long after Ambia left her comment, she received an unsolicited DM from Carol – someone she claims to have never met or interacted with – to "educate" her on the importance of oil in our world. Because Ambia is awesome, she sent the hilarious conversation our way.

Check out this insanity on display:

Holy shit! 6:11pm and she's messaging people she doesn't know about Lee Press-On "Mails" and plastics? How much fracking fluid has this woman sucked out of the Hefner family wine cellar since her Insurrection Day Watch Party? Did she pass out watching The Graduate while her son Robert Spaulding Hefner The Vth was giving her a pedicure in the family garden? Maybe Carol thought Ambia was short for Ambien and she could barter some Galiyucko sauce for her happy-happy sleepy time pills.

Thanks to Ambia apparently being a world-class troll slayer, the conversation gets better. Here's the rest of the thread:

Yeah, I'm not sure Ambia is the one that needs to be using her brain here. Then again, I am pretty sure that Ambia is the only one in the conversation who had one.

Anyway, I guess this should serve as a warning to everyone out there that if Carol Hefner is one of your "friends moms," she may be monitoring your Facebook comments, and ready to educate you on all the ways oil affects our lives... after apparently spending half the day huffing cheap gasoline. If so, take some screenshots and send them our way.

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