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Sen. James Lankford Should Resign from the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission!

Even though Sen. James Lankford went ahead and decided not to object to the Electoral College certification for President Elect Joe Biden following last Wednesday’s white-storm on the U.S. capitol, there is still a lot that he has to be responsible for; like my father would say as he currently burns in Hell, “You do the crime, you do the time!”

One of the many things that Lankford is responsible for—besides a belief in Trump’s inherent racism—is how his personal beliefs will play into his seat on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission. After cowering at those MAGA-card morons as they came in through the front door, we have to ask ourselves if Lankford has the guts and guile to remain on the board for this historic moment.

I don’t think he is.

Thankfully, I’m not alone in this, as many Oklahomans are coming forward to call for his resignation from the commission. Most famously, Nehemiah Frank, editor-in-chief of the Black Wall Street Times, recently called for Lankford’s walking papers, and as soon as possible. From the Black Wall Street Times:

The senator’s continued involvement with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission would be acutely disrespectful to the victims and descendants of the massacre. We demand Senator James Lankford resign from the commission immediately. Restorative justice is not possible if we choose to placate White elected officials who only portray themselves as allies when they feel it is politically expedient.” 

Every word Frank said is true: it is highly disrespectful to have this person on the board for this dark mark on Oklahoma history, especially when, for no longer how short a time, he aimed to bring another era of unjust misery to the entire United States of America. Besides, much like a kid who’s caught with his hand in the cookie jar, sure he may be sorry now, but how much longer until he pulls yet another pro-Trump stunt?

Oklahoma has a history of being thoroughly disrespectful to all races other than Caucasian and to have a person with beliefs like Lankford on that board continues an era of absolute fear and total loathing. Minorities don’t need a white watchman for their own painful remembrances, as if to look over our shoulder and, at any time, always be ready to scream “Don’t mourn like that!” when they disagree with our sadness.

After years of constant pain and sorrow, I think minorities know how to deal with their neverending hurt by now. Resign, Mr. Lankford so the residents of Tulsa can compose themselves to their own needs and emotions regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre. Last Wednesday’s attempt to take over the U.S. government—while you were speaking, mind you—shows that you have no right to be onstage for that—or any—historic moment.


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