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Stitt appoints Enid anti-masker homeschool advocate to State Board of Education

9:15 AM EST on December 4, 2020

With the American educational system in crisis thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, finding smart, competent public servants to lead and guide our state's educational system has never been more important to Oklahoma students, teachers, parents, and everyone else who cares about the future of our kids.

As a result, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently appointed hardcore evangelical Trump supporter Melissa Crabtree – a proponent of homeschooling and a leader of an Enid anti-masker group called the Freedom Fighters – to the State Board of Education.

Here's her Facebook post about the news:

According to her Facebook page, Melissa studied special education at Carson-Newman, a small bible college in Tennessee, and apparently taught at some school districts in the Volunteer State. Her experience in Oklahoma public education and classrooms seems pretty limited, but to make up for it, she does know the perfect Essential Oil for the perfect homeschool situation:

Seriously, guys, Kevin Stitt appointed a homeschooler who peddles Essential Oils on Facebook to be on the State Board of Education!!! She's like an internet cliche joke come to life! It would be like appointing Kathy from Accounting to run the State Treasury, or even worse, a guy named Kevin to run the state! I bet the other State School Board members can't wait to get a Facebook invite to come over to Melissa's for dinner and to watch a little business presentation.

As I mentioned, Melissa is an ardent anti-masker. She's part of a group called Enid Freedom Fighters that have fought against oppressive mask mandates that have saved lives, and spearheaded efforts to recall Enid politicians who – based on real-life evidence that's not grounded in kooky obstructionist conspiracy theories – voted to implement public health and safety measures to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus.

Editor's note: We embedded several of Crabtree's anti-masker Facebook posts but she's now made her page private.

Either way, she's so anti-mask that you have to wonder why Kevin Stitt didn't appoint her to his cabinet or put her in charge of the Oklahoma Health Department. Oh wait, she's not a wealthy white dude with no government experience. Nevermind.

Anyway, I guess before she can become an official school board member, Melissa has to be approved by the Oklahoma Senate. I'm sure there's an essential oil out there to help make sure that happens.

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