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Lost Ogle declares Dec. 3rd as “Day Of Prayer And Gluttony To Get Kevin Stitt to Resign.”

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt fulfilled the great Unitarian prophecy we first reported one week ago and announced December 3rd will be a day of prayer and fasting for all Oklahomans affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are details from his press release:

Naturally, the news made the rounds on social media. For some reason, people seem to appreciate, in an outraged sense, the irony that a Governor who has gone out of his way to help spread the Coronavirus by refusing to implement mask mandates and public health measures – or even follow his own "personal responsibility" guidelines – is now encouraging everyone to pray for all the people who have been infected, sickened and even killed by the Coronavirus under his watch. I'm sure God will appreciate that.

Although we're a bunch of heathens here at TLO, I have no problem with prayer. In fact, I encourage people to do it, especially if such wishful, dreamy thinking helps them maintain a positive attitude. That being said, fasting has never really been my thing. Why would any diety – much less a loving and forgiving one that wants 10% of your earnings – want their creations to go without food and nutrients for 24 hours? That seems excessive, especially when you consider how bad a day of fasting would hurt the local restaurant industry.

As a result, I thought I would do everyone affected by the Coronavirus a favor and declare that Dec. 3rd be a day of prayer and gluttony for Kevin Stitt to resign from office.

"But Patrick, will Kevin Stitt resigning accomplish anything?"

Probably not. Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell was in charge of the Oklahoma GOP during its tea party hit payday of the early teens, which brought our state such visionaries as Sally Kern, Mary Fallin, Ralph Shortey, Randy Terrill, Dan Kirby, Josh Breechen, etc, so I imagine we're screwed either way.

That being said, if we really want to help the people who have been affected by the Coronavirus in this state, it seems like praying for the guy who bungled our state's response to leave office would be a good place to start, especially if we can chow down on some good food in the process. It's at least worth a prayer, right?

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