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Edmond woman to teach classes on how to prep for upcoming Civil War

2:01 PM EDT on September 17, 2020

And you thought Karens were dangerous when they asked to see the manager at Chili's!

Earlier this week, we received some tips via the Ogle Mole Network that Leslie NesSmith – a professed "ammo-sexual" from Edmond who's had the Gosselin haircut since before it was not cool – went on a private Edmond anti-maskers Facebook group to let people know she was organizing a Master Class on how to prepare for the next American Civil war.

If you're not familiar with Leslie, we briefly profiled her when she ran for Stephanie Bice's Senate seat in the 2018 election. She lost by a 3 - 1 margin. After that failure, she focused on building a right-wing Facebook page called Me, Myself and Liberty, where she shared her deranged views and opinions on the conservative media-manufactured fears of the day.

Here's the post of the Civil War stuff:

FWIW, I don't blame people for worrying about some crazy shit coming on the horizon. In Oklahoma City, we know first-hand the amount of death and destruction that can be caused by just a few angry extremists, much less entire armed segments of the population that have been brainwashed and, even more worrisome, radicalized through propaganda, punditry, media-manipulation, sophisticated social media algorithms and other forms of indoctrination.

That being said, doesn't this feel a bit like authoritarian fear-mongering? If Leslie really wanted to be helpful, you'd think she'd be working to prevent a civil war – not stoke the flames of one.

Here's more:

Uhm, wouldn't it be easier for Leslie to just join a local alt-right militia cell, dark web message board or even a rural Baptist church? I'm sure they have a bunch of these training materials already available for use.

Here's some of the topics the Civil War planning workshop will cover:

Wouldn't it be great to wake in the morning to see that some lady you probably met online in an anti-vaccers group tagged you in a post to help plan and prepare for the next Civil War? What an honor! Facebook should add a "Allow Friends to tag you in posts calling for open civil rebellion?" toggle button to its privacy settings.

Also, notice how Leslie claims she is a self-defense/home security professional? I have no doubts she believes in her radicalized mind that some sort of violent insurrection will happen in the future, but it kind of makes you wonder if she has an ulterior goal for these planning sessions, like maybe generating revenue for her business!

"Before we leave today's training, I would like to remind you that you can sign up for a new Liberal Defense Home Security System for $49.99 a month."

Seriously, that's a solid marketing plan! I'm sure President Trump would really respect that business model. Maybe he'll appoint her the warlord for Edmond when the civil war is over.

Update: The original post referred to Leslie as a grandma. Apparently she's not one. Fake news!

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