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Lone Grove man is a Facebook Marketplace ad genius…

Move over Rit Mathis. There's a new Oklahoma ad hero in town.

The guy pictured above is David Moore of Lone Grove, America. For the past few months, if not longer, his ads on the Facebook Marketplace have entertained Oklahomans of all ages with their wit, humor and gentle reminder why a lot of us moved away from the country.

In fact, I am going to compare 10 of David’s Facebook Marketplace posts to Kim Jamerson’s Top 10 Marketing Tips of 2020 to show you just how brilliant his style is...

Tip #1 Look for opportunities to diversify.

From motorcycles and Nissans, to generators and whatever the hell a "powerglide transmission reseal kit" is, David has diversified his assets very well.


Tip #2 Embrace paid social

If by "paid social" Kim Jamerson meant "use a social media marketplace to get paid," David's doing a bang-up job.


Tip #3 Focus on your existing content

He seems to just be selling shit that's lying around his yard, so you can definitely say he's focusing on "existing content."



Tip #4 Nurture brand advocates

According to Kim Jamerson, this means, "create campaigns to incentivize them (customers) to spread your message." Well, his social media campaign strategy incentivized us to dedicate a whole article to him, so I think he nailed this one.


Tip #5 Constantly optimize user experience

Optimizing user experience means constantly improving your customer's ability to access your product. David does this by reminding customers to bring their own damn tie downs and allowing for trades.



Tip #6 Connect online and offline strategies

David invites customers to send him a Facebook message if they're interested in purchasing the car or come on over in person to destroy said car for YouTube entertainment. Way to bridge the online/offline gap, David.


Tip #7 Prioritize authenticity

David is straight-up honest with his potential customers. He won't try to sell you a Yamaha motorcycle if you're into photography or home economics. He's prioritizes your best interest over making the sale.


Tip #8 Create a memorable message

Look at his selfie. Then look at the description. Then look back at his selfie. Need I say more?


Tip #9 Build partnerships

David has connections everywhere and is not afraid to utilize them in his media campaign. In fact, he name dropped at least 3 different people in this "Seller's Description." Four if you count "Ben Ladin."


Tip #10 Make performance analysis an ongoing strategy

Being that David's "Seller's Descriptions" and accompanying selfies keep getting better and better, I'd say he has a strong ongoing strategy.


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