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coronavirus in oklahoma

Official TLO Report Card: How are Oklahoma leaders handling COVID-19?

With the number of COVID-19 cases growing every day (at least in counties that actually have testing available), everyone is anxious about the effects the illness will have on public health, the economy, and society in general. In times like these, Oklahomans look to government leaders, community figureheads, and media personnel to provide direction and support as we strive to survive the pandemic and plan to thrive in the hereafter. Unfortunately, some of them are better at their jobs than others. So here is the Official TLO Report Card on our leaders’ COVID-19 responses!

Kevin Stitt: A+

They say, “all publicity is good publicity.” So since Stitt’s botched response to the COVID-19 outbreak has given us so much to snark about, TLO is giving him an A+.


Hobby Lobby D-

They’d be receiving an “F” if their eclectic collection of novelty throw pillows were so goddang adorable.


Kelly Ogle: Present

Kelly Ogle’s My 2 Cents segments on COVID-19 seem to be a combination of completely made up statistics and pandering to Trump supporters. I don’t exactly know what his rants accomplished, but at least he turned something in.



Jimmy Mitchell: A

Jimmy Mitchell, the sign language interpreter for Kevin Stitt’s press conferences, receives an A for the tireless effort he gives in his informative interpretations that make sure all Oklahomans know just how flawed our state’s response to COVID-19 has been.


Steve Lackmeyer: B+

Steve Lackmeyer may be writing and tweeting informative, data-integrative pieces on the severity and effects of COVID-19 within Oklahoma. But he also seems to get in a lot of twitter fights, so he’d probably get points deducted for talking/acting out in class.


Mike Gundy: F+

Like a 9th grader trying to BS their way through an oral book report of a Hemingway novel they damn sure didn’t read, earlier this month Mike Gundy indicated to local news outlets that he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about when it came to the coronavirus. At that time, Gundy informed the reporters that it didn’t matter if his young football players came down with COVID-19 because their “build” and “anitbodies” would help them recover. For basically making up his report, Gundy gets an F. But by pioneering the quarantine mullet before it was mainstream, we’re bumping it to an F+.


Coronavirus: A-

Give this little virus some credit. He, she or they has caused havoc on the world, and may even come back bigger in the fall. The only knock is that it's very vulnerable so to soap and water.


Breea Clark: A-

Norman Mayor Breea Clark issued her “stay-at-home” order on March 24th, began advocating for federal aid for Norman to fund necessary city operations on April 19th, and flat called Stitt out on his bullshit response to the COVID-19 epidemic on twitter for God and all her followers to see on April 22nd. For the last reason alone, we decided to give her an A+.


Hayley might shelter in place until May 1st of 2021. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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