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Jim Inhofe is still an idiot (#30,138)

1:00 PM EDT on September 19, 2019

To serve as a senator in the United States Congress is a daunting task that requires an entire team of researchers, legal experts, and clerical support get the job done. In fact, it is not unlikely that one single senator has anywhere between 20 to 60 staff members serving under them during a term, many of whom strive to make sure everything that comes from the office of the senator is as well-researched and truthful as possible to maintain the trust of his or her constituents. Which is why it doesn’t make any goddang sense as to why nobody stopped this tweet from being posted.

Okay, I’m going to do what this man, whom our state elected to make laws for this country, should have done and fact check this here Twitter post. I will give Inhofe some credit as I confirm that Wednesday was indeed National Cheeseburger Day. But that’s about it. Because first of all, if anyone is “attacking” cheeseburgers, it’s whatever hoity toity Yankee DC restaurant he bought his burger from. Because with a patty that small and bun that fancy, Inhofe had himself more of an “artisanal sandwich” than a real burger.

Second of all, Inhofe appears to have absolutely zero knowledge or understanding of what the Green New Deal is aiming for. Though it does contain goals of collaborating with those in agriculture to cut down on pollutants and greenhouse gasses, it makes no statement that even remotely suggests the banning of beef farming or cheeseburgers. Maybe it’s time Inhofe starts assigning his staff members tasks like, “briefing the Senator on policy proposals” and “fact checking statements,” rather than the tasks of renting a snow cone machine to make a snowball for show-and-tell or setting reminders on his calendar for bullshit holidays to politicize.

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