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McIntyre Law Lip-Synch Video Ignites Controversy With OU Sensitivity Police

3:53 PM EDT on September 16, 2019

Last week, the OU College of Law held its annual "OU Giving Day" fundraiser – a "campus-wide campaign that provides direct funding to OU Law’s general fund and annual giving societies."

In an effort to help raise money and awareness for the event, OU law students, alumni and faculty were encouraged to share awful, semi-embarrassing lip-synching videos on social media. For example, OU interim president Joseph Harroz performed this classic from Queen.

Yeah, that was pretty bad. If you're going to lip-synch We Are The Champions, at least make sure to do a bunch of a coke, wear a biker hat and prance around in a white deep-V jumpsuit. I'm sure David Boren would agree.

Here's another one by other members of the faculty. They for some reason chose the Golden Girls theme.

Yikes. I'm not a boring lawyer or anything, but for next year's Giving Day, maybe OU should do everyone a favor and have people lip-synch famous scenes from Judge Judy or The People's Court.

If you're up for psychological torture, you can view more of these videos on OU Law's Facebook. One video you won't see is the one that was put together by TV's Noble McIntyre with McIntyre Law.

Noble had the audacity to lip-synch about every lawyer's honest dream – GETTING RICH!!! In addition to that, he danced and made it rain on his private jet, while being surrounded by some photogenic female attorneys on his staff.

Because we live in scary, puritanical times, the video offended the cancel culture enthusiasts who now populate and police all corners of the interwebs. Led by Jim Gallogly nightmare in the flesh Dr. Suzette Grillot – OU's Dean of Inclusivity and Safe Spaces – they complained the video was sexist and distasteful, and got it removed from OU's Facebook page.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain a copy of the video via the Ogle Mole Network. Check it out:

Really? That's it? I'll admit, the song and video is kind of douchey – I would have went with Lil' Troy's "I Wanna Be A Baller" – but the only thing I found offensive was Noble's dancing!

Seriously, what was wrong with that video? It's not like he asked me and the Thunder Kiss Cam girl to bring Ogletoberfest over to his law offices! That would have really crossed the line!

Outside of our OKC Cock Ring Selfie Competition, that may be the best Lost Ogle branded content piece of all time. It's a shame the Kiss Cam Girls broke up.

If you want to read Grillot's complaint, Noble's lengthy response, and other comments from the popcorn gallery, you can do it on her personal Facebook page. One person who took extreme exception to Grillot's comments was McIntyre Law attorney Abby Herren. She's in the video and responded to Suzette on Twitter:

Wow. Outside of marching into Grillot's office and shoving a crudely drawn "Resign" sign in her face, Abby handled that great. She brings up good points. Grillot did make a bunch of assumptions based on antiquated gender stereotypes. SHAME ON HER!!! CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL!!!

Grillot then responded with her own take:

Grillot brings up some fair points, too. In a way, the argument she had with Abby reminds me of the classic Miller Lite commercial from the mid 2000s.

Sorry. Sometimes I can't resist being an obnoxious asshole.

Anyway, I guess I should go ahead and wrap this thing up, before I make too many snowflakes mad and lose our McIntyre Law sponsorship. Leave your take in the comments.


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