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Edmond citizens baffled by high water bill after using more water during summer

3:01 PM EDT on September 12, 2019

The city of Edmond is typically known for living that Midwest style of fancy living. You can’t spit in a direction without hitting something worth at least a 1/4 of an average car payment.

That isn’t the only thing that the price tag has needlessly risen recently.

Via The Edmond Sun:

Nobody can live without water as a life source, but some Edmond residents say they can live without the spikes they’ve seen in their water bill in recent months.

The City of Edmond has been busy explaining to customers that the spike has everything to do with water consumption, said Casey Moore, city spokesman.

Big changes in water use citywide occurred, but it’s not related to water pressure, Moore said.

Damn, even the water in Edmond is high-priced? Who knew that water consumption could make a family go broke? I’m kidding; citizens of Edmond tell campfire horror stories to children about not having cash.

What could have made the bill spike in Edmond? Could it be that the city’s citizens needed a fresh drink of water after spending so much time inhaling their own farts?

Here’s more:

Moore said the flash drought Edmond experienced in July through early August caused residents to use more water.

“Our water demand went from 11 million gallons per day to just over 20 million gallons per day within a week and we maintained that level of demand for most of July and August,” Moore said.

Stop the presses!

You’re telling me that suburbana white folks who live in McMansions over-indulge on resources? Blasphemy! How else is the Bermuda grass on the 50 acre land supposed to win Yard of the Month from the Homeowner’s Association?

The fact of the matter is that many Edmond citizens have lost their edge in budgeting. If you want to save money in this hellish heat, you’re going to have to get creative. Take note from a tale from the southside of Oklahoma City. I once saw one neighbor redirect another neighbors mobile sprinkler system to use their water and save money.

One more thing:

“Not everyone’s bill spiked up,” Moore said. “On the whole, it was the customers who consumed more water who saw an increase over last month.”

Good job, detective. Way to connect the dots for us dead-brained readers.

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