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Here’s jailhouse audio of a drunk Oklahoma Lawmaker calling legislative buddies for help…

Here's a fun little fact for you:

Did you know the phone calls you make from jail to your political friends asking them for their help and assistance in getting you preferential treatment following a DUI arrest is a matter of public record?

I had no clue, but one guy who understands this pretty well is State Rep. Dean Davis.

As you may recall, Dean was arrested in Broken Arrow in early August on DUI charges. According to reports, he was being a dick to officers while he was being arrested, and pulled a drunken, "Do You Know Who I Am?" when he asked to speak to the police chief.

Well, it looks like even more stupidity occurred after he want to jail.

Earlier today, Non Doc shared hilarious audio recordings that Davis made from the Broken Arrow Detention Center to some of his buddies from the Oklahoma legislature. Outside of a drunk ass calling powerful friends to see if they can pull any strings for him — and the friends acknowledging that they're trying to help — there's nothing too nefarious in the recordings. But it is kind of fun to listen to a drunk, hypocritical asshat call his tired and weary political buddies on a recorded line to see if they can pull some strings.

One of the phone calls Dean made was to State Rep. Ross Ford. Ford apparently served as a police officer for 25 years, and his wife just happens to work for the Broken Arrow police department. Basically, he'd be a good person to call if you just got pulled over for a DUI in Broken Arrow and were looking for someone to help you get out of it.

To Ford's credit, he really didn't talk too much about that on the phone. He spent most of the audio clip listening, asking questions, and wondering why the fuck his drunk colleague is calling him from a recorded line at the jail.

Here's the phone call:

We all know Dean isn't the first lawmaker to get in trouble and ask colleagues for help, but he is probably the first one to knowingly do it on a recorded line at the jail! Seriously, no wonder he wanted to serve in the Oklahoma legislature – he's a fucking buffoon! Here's some advice to the next lawmaker that's pulled over for a DUI: Go to jail, keep your mouth shut, and then let the Oklahoma good-ol’-boy-network do it's thing afterward when the phone calls are not being recorded. Otherwise, you're going to screw yourself.

Dean's other phone call was made to his brocules – State Rep. T.J. Marti. It was similar to the call with Ford. Dean kicked things off by informing his pal that the cop who arrested him for driving drunk was not very nice...

Yep, the cop who arrested him is the asshole. It's not the entitled lawmaker who drunkenly parades around town in his automobile.

Anyway, you can read more about this on the very serious journalism website Non Doc. They get reactions, apologies and even share snippets of the recorded conversation the guy has with his girlfriend! They didn't share that audio, because it's Non Doc and they still have to keep things a bit boring, but if anyone has the audio and wants to send it our way, please do so!

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