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OKC Zoo is free today. This is not a drill.

In a world full of divisive, toxic bullshit, I believe we could all use a little reprieve. People often say that life is made by the small glimmers of optimism. Well, consider this your daily drop of dopamine.


The Oklahoma City Zoo is offering free admission to guests Tuesday in an act of appreciation.

"This year marks the 29th anniversary of the one-eighth of a cent dedicated sales tax being passed by Oklahoma City citizens for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden," zoo officials said, "and to celebrate, the zoo is offering free admission to guests."

No, this is not an office TLO prank. This is real. Get your summer asses in gear and let’s go see some animals we spend an 1/8th of cent of every dollar to support! Chances are, many of them will be smarter than us and stay indoors to avoid a heatstroke. But this our chance to get out and enjoy our damn summer on behalf of Oklahoma City. You can even add to your Mold-A-Mattic collection.

Here’s more:

The sales tax, which was passed in 1990, has made numerous capital improvements possible at the zoo. Some improvements include the Great EscApe, Cat Forest/Lion Overlook, Oklahoma Trails, the Children's Zoo, the Elephant Habitat, the Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital and the Sanctuary Asia habitat.

"The Oklahoma City Zoo, OKC's oldest cultural attraction, remains thankful for their ongoing dedication and support," zoo officials said.

I like this idea of organizations that receive taxpayer support providing free admission one day per year. Thanks to their plan for the future fire sale, maybe the Thunder should offer free admission for the upcoming season?

Brandon most identifies with the apes mostly by their anger-fueled shit throwing. Follow him on Twitter @notshabbywriter and Instagram @brandonking1994.

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