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Guy who lied about 420 legalization petition numbers has sensational, likely fabricated story about Domino’s


One thing I can't stand is a liar, so obviously I'm not a big fan of self-appointed marijuana advocate Isaac Caviness.

In August 2018, Isaac was "leading" an effort to get a state question for full marijuana legalization put on the Oklahoma ballot. Each week, his group – Green The Vote – would release impressive updates on how many signatures they had collected, making it seem like a vote for recreational weed would soon become a reality.

Thanks to three stoner girls, we learned the numbers Caviness released each week were totally fabricated. The group wasn't anywhere close to collecting the number of signatures required but claimed they were, so they could get social media shares and promote their weed apparel business.

Knowing all that, I have no problem calling bullshit on this outlandish Facebook post Caviness shared today, after smoking some weed that apparently made him paranoid. It's making the rounds in the Oklahoma stoner social media echo chamber. He's trying to organize a boycott of Domino's because, you know, pizza delivery drivers will call the cops on you for smoking weed.

Check out this stupidity:

I think most of our readers know I'm a huge proponent of medical marijuana, but if you A) shared this post and B) believe it, it's time to put down the pipe and maybe take a day or two break to re-charge your brains cells.

That post may be of the dumbest things I've ever read. Hell, I've read stories in the Bible that are more believable. In fact, it's so dumb it's putting me in the awkward position of defending a business that specializes in giving me diarrhea.

Regardless of chain, I think pizza delivery drivers depend on potheads for 50% of their income, which in turn supports their own marijuana habits. Like they're really going to call the cops on people for smoking weed? Now, they might call the cops on you if you're a stoned loser who tips $5 on a $100 pizza order – and Caviness seems like the type of guy who would do that – but that's about it.

Also, are we really supposed to believe this stoned fuck called the Domino's corporate office and talked to a real human? If he did, they were probably just fucking with him:

"Domino's, how many I help you."

"Yeah, like -uh - uh - Hello?"

"Yeah, this is Domino's."

"Yeah, like, uhm, my name is Isaac Caviness. And uh, we ordered, like, $100 in pizza and, uhm, your driver, like, called the cops on us and, uh, man, that's not cool, dude. Like uh, the out of cont--"

"Thanks, we're going to give him a raise for his act of courage."

Seriously, I'd say the odds are higher that he called some prostitute from the Tulsa area named Domino and she just told him what he wanted to hear.

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