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Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton explore new bromance…


Put on your blue jeans and drive down a dirt road in a pickup truck with your friends in low places, there's a new power couple in the Oklahoma country music scene!

Earlier this week, Garth Brooks announced that he and Blake Shelton will explore their new bromance by releasing a country music duet. The song is called "Dive Bar," and it will be coming very soon to a Texas Roadhouse dining room near you.

Here are details via KFOR:

Two of Oklahoma’s biggest country superstars are teaming up for a new song.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Garth Brooks said that he and Blake Shelton are releasing a new country song this summer.

Brooks says the song is called “Dive Bar.” It is set to be released on country radio on June 18.

“He was fun. He came to the studio, and it’s just a good, ole summertime anthem. It’s called Dive Bar, and it just talks about spending your summers, you know, in the dive bars across America. It’s gonna be fun,” Brooks said.

Really? Spending your summers in dive bars across America? Even Toby Keith thinks that sounds overly formulaic.

In fact, I can already hear the lyrics:

Garth: "I was drinkin' my whiskey and playin' some pool, then I saw her – bitin' on her chew."

Blake: "She was bitin' on her chew, yeah, bitin' on her chew, bitin' on her chew is what she do."

Seriously, I don't want these guys to experiment too much – we know how that can work out – but try to mix things up every now and then.

Here's more:

Brooks says that the collaboration came about because both of the singers are from Oklahoma. At some points during recording, Brooks says that he got confused who was singing.

“We’re basically raised right around the same area,” Brooks said. “So it was pretty cool.”

Yeah, Garth says he got confused who was singing. I'm sure the song's going to be great.

All snark and artistic merit aside, it is cool to see two A-list Oklahomans collaborate on a project like this. That should become an annual thing. For example, maybe next summer Gwen Stefani and Trisha Yearwood can collaborate on song. That would actually be something worth listening to!

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