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Oklahoma Cop Arrested for Organizing Cockfighting Derbies…

We, as a society, live in a divided time. The only things that seem to bring us together nowadays are a sense of mutual hatred, monetary gain and sports. In the quiet lands of Caddo Nation, one Anadarko man attempted to bring a community together in a sport riddled with misconceptions and a bad reputation.


A former deputy sheriff has pleaded guilty to conducting an interstate cockfighting operation in southwestern Oklahoma.

Federal court records indicate 67-year-old Douglas Wayne Butler, of Anadarko, pleaded guilty on Monday to aiding and abetting cockfighting and the possession of gamecocks.

Prosecutors allege Butler conducted about a dozen "cockfighting derbies" on Indian land in Caddo County in 2015 and 2016. A former deputy sheriff and member of the Caddo Nation, Butler is accused of earning thousands of dollars from events each attended by up to 200 people from as far away as Nebraska, Arkansas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.

First of all, how the hell do you advertise a cockfighting derby? Do you create a Facebook event that most of your friends will ignore, or do you send an email with the title "DON'T OPEN UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE COCKS FIGHT. NO NOT THAT KIND, THE OTHER KIND."

Here's more:

His attorney, Irven Box, said Wednesday that Butler "fully believed" he was following the law by conducting the events on Indian land.

Butler faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Yeah, he wasn't breaking the law. If anything, Butler was doing what the rest of our ancestors did – using Native American territory as a breeding ground for debauchery and destructive habits. In a way, he's simply preserving a sense of white heritage!

On the chance that Butler goes to prison, we wish him luck in avoiding the physical altercations he may face. Beware Butler, those cocks fight back.

He doesn't participate in these sports but he does love chicken. Follow Brandon on Twitter @notshabbywriter

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