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Racism in Oklahoma once again takes center stage…


Yesterday morning, the OKC metro awoke to news that the Oklahoma Democratic Party Headquarters on N. Classen was vandalized with a large, sickening display of Nazi-inspired, white supremacist-approved graffiti. It was so extreme it would make a busload of OU students singing SAE chants in blackface blush.

Here are a collection of photos from the Oklahoma Democratic Party:

The vandal, or vandals, also hit the Chickasaw Nation offices that were located a few miles away.

After news of the vandalism started to spread, Oklahomans of all different faiths, nationalities and local media outlets converged on the facility, and in a sign of solidarity, began to clean and remove the graffiti. Here are some pics:

The incident churned out the standard mix of anti-racism responses from local groups, organizations, politicians, civic leaders, social media celebs, etc. It even inspired Oklahoma GOP chair Pam Pollard to stop by and provide this tearful statement to the media:

Yep. The lady who courts and enables racist voters, supports a racist president, and once lead an organization that shared racist memes on Facebook, is now "condemning racism." It's strange world we live in.

Crocodile tears and hypocrisy aside, as the day progressed and the office park turned into a local media village, the OKCPD announced they had images of somebody they wanted for "questioning." At approximately 5:00pm, just in time for your grandparents pre-bedtime local news, they released these blurry security cam photos that were captured at the Chickasaw offices:

When I first saw the photo, my instinct was the perp looked like some carney who snuck their way into one of our old State Fair Photo Contests, or maybe the lady who sells the Nazi and Confederate Flags at the Old Paris Flea Market. But then I realized something – isn't OKCPD a bit too quick to claim this person is a woman?

We know racists and white supremacists aren't the brightest people in this world – otherwise they wouldn't be hate-fueled mongrels – but if you were going to go full Racist Banksy in today's camera-on-every-corner age, wouldn't you at least put on a Garth Algar wig, thrift store sweatshirt and reading glasses to hide who you are?

Naturally, the conspiracy theorist Trump brahs are out in full force on social media trolling the situation. They are suggesting, amongst other things, that the whole thing is a false flag operation. They're claiming the graffiti was planted by Democrats and Jussie Smollett and George Soros in an effort to make Republicans, Donald Trump and Q look bad or whatever. As a natural skeptic living in today's misinformation age, none of that would honestly wouldn't surprise me. Anything is possible, but I'd say it's more likely to be a false-false flag than a false flag, and the graffiti was planted by white supremacist assholes pretending to be Democrats pretending to be a Republicans.

Regardless, if that woman – or man dressed as woman – looks familiar, please contact the police. Although our country was sadly built, and prospered, on extremely racist foundations that still exist today, we can't tolerate racist bullshit like this. Let's find this deranged person (or people) and shame and punish them until the next racist incident in Oklahoma takes center stage.

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