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Meg Alexander is out at Channel 25…

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that OKC media personality and news mommy, Meg Alexander, was let go as the host for the KOKH Morning Show "Living Oklahoma" this past Friday morning.

If you remember correctly, Meg was placed on temporary leave back in February after she displayed some odd and slurry behavior on the set that she later attributed to a "lack of sleep." Remember this segment about Valentine's Day flowers?

Following our article about the videos, Channel 25 quickly removed them from their website and placed Meg on temporary leave. The following Monday, they parted ways with Meg's co-host, Mitch English, after he complained about the issue. He's already landed on his feet in Florida.

In late February, Meg returned to the air. She appeared to be in better, more awake form, but based on this video from last Thursday, it looks like some issues may have possibly resurfaced:

As I've written in the past, Meg has always had a kind of loopy, lost-in-space style and demeanor. I think it's why people like her, but in today's more woke times, it doesn't really fly.

Anyway, we wish Meg Alexander the best of luck finding a new job and landing on her feet. I expect to see her in a car dealership or Louie's commercial very soon.

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