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Stormy Daniels hires weirdo Tulsan as new attorney…

The Oklahoma economy continues to grow!

Earlier today, Stormy Daniels announced she has retained notorious Tulsa attorney Clark Brewster (no relation to Clark Matthews) as her new personal lawyer.

Here are the details via The Tulsa World:

Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress also known for her involvement with President Donald Trump, announced Tuesday she was retaining Tulsa attorney Clark Brewster as her personal lawyer.

In a tweet, Daniels said she has asked Brewster and his firm to review “all legal matters involving me.”

“Upon completion of Mr. Brewster’s review and further consultation with me, I anticipate Mr. Brewster will serve as my primary counsel on all legal issues,” said Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford.

Until recently, Daniels was represented by attorney Michael Avenatti, who in recent weeks has made news for his work with reported victims of music artist R. Kelly.

Brewster said Daniels reached out and met with him in Tulsa several weeks ago. He said he has been reviewing her legal matters up until Tuesday's announcement.

That's cool. I asked around the Ogle Mole Network, and I guess Brewster was chosen based on his striking resemblance to Donald Trump's penis.

Here's Brewster's statement.

"We were able to complete (the review) and we had a lengthy meeting yesterday, and I’ve decided to take the cases," Brewster said. "We actually entered an appearance in the Trump case in the Ninth Circuit yesterday and we’ll take over all her legal matters and Mr. Avenatti will no longer be advising her."

"Pretty soon now it's admitted and we have Cohen coming forward, what she said at least through the passage of 14 months has turned out to be truthful," Brewster said. "She's a well-spoken, bright young woman and it is truly my honor to represent her."

Yep, the attention seeking attorney who has a client list that includes Deputy Oops That's Not a Taser, the Penis Pump Judge, a disgraced priest and the Bixby students who were accused of violating a classmate, didn't take the case until after a "complete review" and "lengthy meeting." I'm sure he had to think long and hard about it.

Anyway, I guess we'll follow this and provide any updates if they happen. Now that Stormy is going to be in Tulsa more often, hopefully she'll reschedule her cancelled Night Trips performance.


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