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OU College Republicans have racism and bigotry-themed group chats…

Last month, when OU President James Gallogly was providing a Public Relations 101 case study on how not to handle high-profile racist incidents involving the University's students, the OU College Republicans issued a strong letter in support of their embattled leader.

Check it out:

Yep, the College Republicans appreciate "the dialogue about equality and inclusion that President Gallogly encouraged." They strongly feel that "aggression and bigotry is a hindrance to making OU a more unified and inclusive campus" and the "repugnant rhetoric and incivility.... will not get us anywhere."

Since that's the case, I guess we should check out these screenshots of an OU College Republicans group chat that were recently shared on Twitter by the anonymously run account @jamgoogly. Obviously, they will show us a respectful, thoughtful and positive dialogue about race and racism on campus, and the effort these future leaders of the Republican party are going through to make OU a more unified and inclusive campus...

From SAE Frat Boys to Carol Hefner to Derplahoman Facebook Commenters, we've been documenting racism in Oklahoma for nearly 12 years now, and I'll tell you what, that's some impressive stuff! Let's give these kids some props – they've obviously done a great job listening to their parents. They should expect an invite to the White House any day now!

Here's some more:

This Luke Harshaw kid is hysterical. Get him his own show on The Blaze immediately!

Anyway, you can read more about the messages and the people involved, Gallogly's response, and what the college Democrats think over at the OU Daily. As usual, they've done an excellent job covering the matter. Sadly, they have a lot of experience doing it.



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