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Now Steve Lackmeyer is beefing with the Bricktown Hot Dog Cart

Move over Oklahoma City Streetcar. There's a new mobile apparatus on Steve Lackmeyer's shit list.

A couple of nights ago, I received a text message from an Ogle Mole asking if I was going to write about Steve Lackmeyer's new beef with Hot Dog OKC – the venerable Bricktown hot dog cart that ignited local controversy in 2017 after the OKC Twitter Sensitivity Police learned it sold sophomoric politically incorrect t-shirts. (You can read Louis' food review of the cart here).

Always a sucker for controversy that I can quickly flip into page views, web traffic and advertising dollars, I quickly hopped on Twitter to see what was happening. That was a mistake! I was greeted by a hard-to-follow narrative of Twitter hot takes, think-tweets and everyday insults that covered a variety of topics ranging from homelessness to media competition to fat shaming to sticks poking eyes out.

Being the lazy guy I am, I asked our Twitter followers to help unpack what happened.

Here are some of the replies:

Still confused? So am I. Not really give a shit? I really don't either. That being said, let's try to unpack it...

I guess Hot Dog OKC shared some video of homeless camps in Bricktown, and complained about the empty buildings and state of the canal. This got the attention of Channel 5, which came out to interview some of the homeless people...

This naturally got the attention of Steve Lackmeyer – a man who loves Bricktown so much he keeps old ACME catalogs in a shoebox under his bed for "private time." In typical snide and sarcastic fashion, he subtweeted Hot Dog OKC by pointing out that homelessness – and vacant retail space – is an issue everywhere...

After that, things devolved into one of those Twitter fiascos that make everyone want to stop using Twitter. Things got personal and heated and eventually ended with Hot Dog OKC doing an excellent job mocking Steve's appearance...

Should a hot dog stand really be making fun of people who like hot dogs? Probably not, but Hot Dog OKC seems to like controversy.

Anyway, the Twitter Sensitivity Police got mad about that tweet, accusations were thrown around, people started blocking people, and all that fun stuff. Well, it's actually not fun. It's the type of stuff that makes me want to quit Twitter, but it will keep the page views and advertising dollars flowing – things we'll need for the day we gentrify Bricktown.

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