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Oklahoma House produces boring 2019 Hype Video…


Considering they're about as popular as Mary Fallin microwaving leftover curry in the teachers' lounge, one of the big priorities for lawmakers in 2019 is to apparently restore the faith and trust of the Oklahoma people.

To accomplish this laughable goal, and try to make Oklahomans forget about all the pain and humiliation they've caused this century, they're pulling out all the stops – from media manipulation to introducing sane and practical legislation to producing incredibly boring hype videos.

Check out this video the Oklahoma House released on Monday. It lets us know we are all ONE Oklahoma.

In all fairness, I doubt they had a huge budget for the production – and I bet the piece was probably edited and spliced together by some guy who does videography on the side for a LifeChurch.TV ripoff – but that was brutal. It was about as boring as watching Vince Gill eat a bowl of oatmeal!

To snazz it up, they should have just used Channel 9's old Spirit of Oklahoma commercial and shown a video montage of Oklahoma lawmakers working together with lobbyists, donors and conservative special interest groups to craft laws that benefit the rich, hurt the poor, and discriminate against minority groups. That would have been much more honest and relatable.

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