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Kevin Stitt now wants to expand Medicaid in Oklahoma…

3:37 PM EST on January 30, 2019

Earlier today, Governor Kevin Stitt announced that he's open to expanding Medicaid – a federal socialist program that, according to my uncle, will make people more dependent on the gub'ment, bankrupt the nation and lead to the downfall of American society – in Oklahoma.

The news is kind of a big deal because...

A) Republicans in Oklahoma have aggressively blocked and opposed any proposal to expand Medicaid in Oklahoma under Obamacare, and

B) Kevin Stitt said things like this over the summer while on the campaign trail: “I do not support expanding Medicaid ... Obamacare is a disastrous law that Congress should repeal and replace with a solution that encourages a competitive business climate to drive down cost for all Oklahomans and increase health care options.”

Geeze, it's funny how being elected into office and getting a temporary reprieve from pandering to Derplahoman voters can change someone's opinion on things.

Here are the details via KOCO Channel 5:

Oklahoma's new governor and Republican leaders in the House and Senate each are expressing a willingness to consider some version of a Medicaid expansion that would extend health insurance to thousands of Oklahoma's uninsured.

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt opposed the idea while on the campaign trail but told reporters Wednesday he was open to the concept if the state was given enough flexibility.

Both Stitt and Senate President Pro Tempore Greg Treat said any expansion plan must allow the state to opt out if the federal government reduces its matching funds. House Speaker Charles McCall also said he's open to the idea of seeking a federal waiver that would allow Oklahoma to develop its own expansion plan.

About one in seven Oklahomans is uninsured.

I'm one of those messed up people who thinks that citizens in the richest and most powerful nation in the history of human civilization shouldn't have to worry about going bankrupt over medical bills, so while I kind of applaud this news, I'm also a bit skeptical.

First of all, what does Kevin Stitt mean by "flexibility?" That's concerning. He'll probably accept the funds and then use them to invest in risky mortgage backed securities, or attach a provision that only covers eyebrow waxing treatments.

Second, I don't quite trust the new Republican leaders in this state. It's like they're doing a little bit too good of a job saying the right things and taking what appears to be a sane, reasonable approach to this and other issues. Like, shouldn't they be working on laws that ban abortion or make muslims and gays register as terrorists? I have a feeling we're about to pull out of hyperspace a bit too early and realize the whole thing is a trap.

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