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Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless: Key Auto Group Couple Involved in Multi-Million Dollar Divorce

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we were recently tipped-off to an amusing and eye-roll inducing "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" divorce battle over at OSCN.

The case involves Thunder courtside regulars David Frayer and Kendal Frayer. They're the ritzy couple behind the Key Auto Group empire, and the same couple who once planned to build the largest house in the United States in Northeast Edmond. Remember that 92,650-square-foot castle-themed monstrosity?

It looks like the plans for the house remained just that – plans. It never materialized. That's sad news for local stonemasons, moat diggers and drawbridge contractors, but good news for the Frayers, as it gives them one less thing to squabble over in their one-percenter divorce.

At the beginning, the divorce seemed like a run of the mill rich folk affair. Kendal filed in January of 2018, and after some legal exchanges, they entered into a private mediation agreement where they determined things like child custody, property division and alimony.

That seemed to hold things over for most of 2018. But then, about six weeks ago, Kendal filed a motion to modify the mediation agreement. She claimed David cut her off from her financial resources, and as a result, she was broke! In fact, things were so bad that she had to fire her domestic helpers, house manager and even the chef!

Here's a snippet from the court document:

Yep. Even the chef got fired! I don't remember reading that in any recent Dave Cathey article in The Oklahoman. The Food Dude is slipping!

Although having a house manager and chef seems kind of excessive, Kendal did remind the court that her and David's expenses were "historically very high..."

Yep, she had to incur substantial debt just to maintain her $40,000 (excluding bills) in monthly expenses. I don't know about you, but I think someone could use some free life, career and financial coaching from The Key!

I'm sure the first thing the life coach at the Key would do is put Kendal in a 2012 Civic with minor flood damage for a $199 a month (for 96 months) with a FREE bumper to bumper warranty. The second thing they would do is advise that she and David sell some assets, which is what they apparently did...

According to documents filed later, we would learn the property sale netted Kendal over one-million dollars. That, combined with her $50,000 per month spending restriction, is not a "Workable solution."

I'm just a measly thousandaire who will never get rich, so excuse for me asking – how exactly does one spend $50,000 a month? In a strange way, that seems more difficult than living paycheck to paycheck.

"Hey Mom, what's for dinner?"

"Caviar and lobster rolls with organic truffle dipping sauce."


"I you don't like it go hire your own chef!!!"

Seriously, that's absurd. Then again, it only takes one quick look at Kendal's Instagram to see where the money goes:

Yep. I guess trying to live and look like a Kardashian, even when you fail at both, is expensive!

You can read Kendal's full motion over at OSCN. After it was filed, David's attorney filed a response that makes him look like the reasonable one in the relationship. Of course, he starts by denying he's extremely wealthy:

Yeah, the guy who wanted to build the largest house in the US isn't "extremely wealthy." I'm also not "extremely sarcastic." Also, are we really suppose believe that Kendal said "I will not be put on a budget?"

The answer to that is "Absolutely Yes."

In his response, David shared some details from the mediation agreement, including the revelation that Kendal received $1.3-million. That amount of money, without accounting for interest, would cover 30-months of $40,000 in living expenses:

You can read entirety of David's response here. Outside of complicated stuff regarding life insurance, the TLDR is "She got $1.3-million in mediation, and will get more when the divorce is settled. If that's not enough money for her, she should cut her spending."

The judge in the case, Sheila Stinson, seems to agree. Her ruling on January 9th was pretty simple:

Anyway, I guess we'll keep our eyes on this case to see if there's any resolution or updates. In the meantime, if you have bad credit and are looking for someone to make a bunch of money off you and help support an excessive and extravagant lifestyle, visit the Key...

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