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Damon Lane to blame for annoying Facebook photo challenge…

10:05 AM EST on January 16, 2019

Although history books try to tell us differently, historic movements are not caused by the actions of a single person. For example, WWI was not started due to one assassination, FDR did not single-handedly bring America out of the Great Depression, and it’s not entirely my fault that my toddler niece knows how to properly use the word “shit.”

But, sometimes the actions of one individual can have a huge impact on society. Via KOCO...

OKLAHOMA CITY —KOCO 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane is known for bringing you the most accurate forecast in Oklahoma.

Now, he's being credited with sparking a challenge that's taken social media by storm. According to the website Know Your Meme, Lane was the first prominent user to participate in the "How Hard Did Aging Hit You" challenge.

For those of you who don’t spend at least 20 minutes per hour on Facebook judging old high school classmates who are selling Plexus and Lipsence or actively ignoring your mom’s friend’s requests to join her in Candy Crush IV, the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge is less of a “challenge” and more of a chance to remind your Facebook friends what a strange year in fashion 2009 was. Damon Lane used the “challenge” as a chance to remind fans not only that he’s more successful than his 2009 self ever imagined he'd be, but also that he still has a decent head of hair.

Here's more:

"Saw this 'How Hard Did Aging Hit You' Challenge. Take your 1st profile pic and your current profile pic and brace yourself," Lane posted Friday. "What I love about the photo is that the guy on the left had no idea what was ahead of him. The goals he set in life, he exceeded. The guy on the right has a life that is better than the guy on the left ever thought possible. And that's just the beginning."

Lane's post has received more than 365 reactions and 75 comments. He said he got the idea from one of his friends and decided to post it on his official KOCO 5 Facebook page.

"I actually saw one of my friends do it and thought I'd give it a try," Lane said in a direct message on Twitter to a reporter from The Daily Dot. "I rarely do those kind of things. It's been fun."

Though Damon Lane didn’t technically start the “challenge,” it appears he may have popularized it. As Uncle Ben once said, “with great power comes great responsibility.” If making it socially acceptable for awkward throwback pictures to be posted on days other than Thursday isn’t considered a gross misuse of power, I don’t know what is.d

To see Hayley’s “How Hard Has Aging Hit You” challenge picture, go here. Then follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek.

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