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OK State Senator makes fun of constituent’s spouse on Facebook…

A few weeks ago, we told you about SB 40. It's the newest piece of legislation introduced by Oklahoma State Senator / Lost Ogle fanboy Paul Scott.

Conceived during one of Scott's lustful and erotic wet dreams involving Sean Hannity and Monica Lewinsky, the compassionate piece of legislation would eliminate government healthcare benefits to lower income Oklahoma pregnant women. It's part of his aggressive agenda to "Keep Oklahoma Draconian Again."

Last night, after probably having one too many cups of spiked Braum's eggnog, Scott shared the (now deleted) following Facebook post to clarify his reasoning behind the bill. Here's a screenshot:

(Update: After we first reported this story, Paul Scott deleted his Facebook account.)

Yep, Paul Scott thinks healthcare in Oklahoma "needs reworked." He also wants to "bring attention" to a broken healthcare system. Those are great ideas. I'd suggest he start by reading this article about how he – an acting State Senator – was able to secure a lucrative VA contract for his mobile X-ray company.

Naturally, Scott's Facebook post ruffled the feathers of those mean and vile people out there who think targeting the benefits of lower-income pregnant women is a bad idea. They left a bunch of comments questioning Scott and his bill. Never one to shy away from a fruitless, never-ending social media debate that won't change anyone's mind, Scott engaged with them.

For example:

At this point, the debate became one of those online echo chamber shouting matches. I'll save you all the details and screenshots, because it's hard to follow and Scott deleted a bunch of comments. However, things got weird when Scott decided to creep on Jen Eastwood-Gragg's spouse's Facebook account and make fun of the man's appearance...

Here at The Lost Ogle, we've been known to make fun of someone's appearance a time or two. For example, who could forget the time we pointed out that Scott's wife has a striking resemblance to Monica Lewinsky...

But we're obscure local social bloggers. Making fun of people is what we do! Scott, on the other hand, is an elected official. He should be respectful by sticking to issues and leave name calling to immature people like us or President Trump.

Anyway, if you want to leave a respectful comment on Scott's page and/or make fun of his appearance, you can do it here. Just beware that he may delete your comment...

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