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Oklahoma State Senator goes after low income pregnant women…

Whether it's in a literal or figurative sense, it seems like the only goal of Oklahoma lawmakers is to fuck women. Case in point – our old buddy State Senator Paul Scott.

Yesterday, The Frontier reported that Scott introduced a common sense, humane and very compassionate bill that would cut state-funded health care services to those greedy, selfish government leeches who can't keep their legs closed – low-income pregnant women.

Via The Frontier:

A bill proposed by a Republican lawmaker from Duncan would eliminate a state Medicaid program that provides health care services to low-income pregnant women.

Senate Bill 40, authored by Sen. Paul Scott, R-Duncan, would eliminate the state’s Soon-to-Be-Sooners program, which is part of Oklahoma’s Medicaid program, known as SoonerCare. Medicaid uses state and federal money to offer health coverage, and uses a fee-for-service system to reimburse providers for procedures.

Soon-to-Be-Sooners provided pregnancy and maternity services to about 9,800 women in fiscal year 2018 and paid out more than $15.7 million in reimbursements, according to data provided by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, which oversees the program. Pregnant women can qualify for SoonerCare depending on their income.

The program provides only pregnancy-related health care services, such as routine doctors office visits, delivery services and ultrasounds. Benefits stop as soon as the pregnancy ends.

What an excellent idea! I know when I'm thinking of ways to make Oklahoma a better place to live, the first thing that comes to mind is to make life a little more challenging and difficult for broke pregnant women. They are lazy sloths who use swollen feet, fatigue and other obviously made up conditions as an excuse to not pull a double at IHOP. And don't even get me started on those lower-income babies they have. Toss them out with the bath water. Who needs them?

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