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5 last minute Christmas gifts for the modern Oklahoman

10:49 AM EST on December 21, 2018


Earlier this week, Fox 25 posted this helpful guide to shopping for last minute Christmas gifts for the “modern man” in your life. While Fox 25 thinks a lame-ass book on leadership or Mission Impossible on DVD are great stocking stuffers, I think the average Oklahoman has a more refined, yet usually juvenile, taste when it comes to gifts. So here are 5 TLO-approved last minute gift ideas for your modern Oklahoman.


Old Farmer’s Almanac

With the predicted Snow-pocalypse 2018 being a bust, people across the metro were disappointed to have spent so many dozens of minutes waiting in line at Walmart to buy their milk and bread only for the weekend weather to be clear and roads drivable. So to keep them from relying on KFOR or News 9 to make them weather-aware, get your Oklahoman an Old Farmers’ Almanac for Christmas. It has provided semi-accurate weather predictions for the last 200 years. Plus, the almanac also has a twitter! So when it’s wrong about a snow day, your loved one can hate-tweet the almanac instead of the physical embodiment of rainbows and kitten cuddles that is Emily Sutton.


An Oklahoma Lawmaker

If you don’t think an Oklahoma lawmaker can be bought, you don’t read enough TLO.

A Subscription to The Oklahoman

Need a gift for your racist great uncle? How about a subscription to The Oklahoman! For your buddy with the emergency teaching certification instructing Weatherford Middle School's current affairs class? How about a subscription to The Oklahoman! For $12 a month, you can provide a loved one with a year’s worth of biased, GOP propaganda. Or for your neighbor who has 15 exotic birds in her living room to clean up after, a year’s worth of cage liners.


A limited-edition KISS buffalo ranch popcorn and coffee mug set from Big Lots

Okay, so maybe this is just a gift for me. But I can’t be the only Oklahoman who would appreciate such a unique, tasty, and classy gift set.


Gift Card to Love’s Travel Stop

Everyone knows that friend who just seems to have everything they could ever want. So, what do you get someone who probably makes considerably more money and prouder parents than you ever will? How about a Love’s gift card! Because no matter the socioeconomic status, nobody would re-gift $20 worth of gasoline or roller grill tornados.

The limited-edition KISS buffalo ranch popcorn and coffee mug set from Big Lots is only $7. Hint hint. Follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek

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