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Kevin Stitt names Scott Pruitt henchman to cabinet…

Here we go again.

After appointing a former Oklahoma lawmaker and members from Jim Inhofe's inner circle to key cabinet positions, "Outsider" Kevin Stitt has named one of Scott Pruitt's right-hand cronies – attorney Ken Wagner – to be the Oklahoma cabinet Secretary of Energy and the Environment.

Via The Tulsa World:

Gov.-elect Kevin Stitt on Wednesday announced that EPA staffer Ken Wagner of Tulsa will be his secretary of energy and environment.

“Wagner is well respected among environment leaders, energy industry experts and state regulators in neighboring states,” Stitt said. “He will play a critical role in advising my administration on policy that encourages robust and responsible development of our natural resources, ensures clean air and clean water for all Oklahomans and makes sure our state is an example for others to follow.”

Wagner, 53, is the senior adviser to the administrator for regional and state affairs at the EPA.

This is actually a shrewd move by Stitt. It's hard to find people more dirty and corrupt than Oil Overlords and Oklahoma politicians, so you can't blame him for putting one of Scott Pruitt's henchman in charge of dealing with them. He'll fit in great. I wonder what their first meeting will be like?

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to our new energy and environment secretary,  Mr. Ken Wagner."

"Thanks Kevin. Item #1 on today's agenda is how to fatten our wallets and screw over the Oklahoma people."

Here's more:

Wagner has ties to former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who resigned amid growing criticism and investigations concerning his conduct at the agency.

Wagner was one of the Oklahomans who went with Pruitt to the EPA when Pruitt resigned as state attorney general to take the federal job.

Wagner is a longtime associate of Pruitt’s, having served as treasurer of one of his political action committees and having had a financial interest when Pruitt ran an Oklahoma City minor league baseball team, the RedHawks, according to an April 21 article by The New York Times.

Know what else the NY Times article detailed that the Tulsa World conveniently leaves out? Back when Pruitt was a political newcomer, he and Wagner, along with their disgraced banking buddy Albert Kelly, worked out a profitable, extremely shady land deal with Southwestern Bell that, from an optical perspective, looks a whole lot like an under-the-table bribe.

Anyway, just to recap, "Outsider" Kevin Stitt has appointed a handful of people to his cabinet in an effort to make Oklahoma a "Top 10 State." One is a former Oklahoma lawmaker that called education budget cuts fake news, a couple of others worked closely with nutjob Senator Jim Inhofe, and now we get someone from Team Pruitt. I guess you can say things are going exactly how we all expected. It looks like it's going to be another fun and tumultuous four to eight years.

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