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Mike Gundy is a mulleted hypocrite…


Business up front. Party in the back. Stupid hypocrite in the middle.

After news broke that another football player used a new NCAA rule to do what's best for himself and transfer out of the OSU program, Mike Gundy went on a rant about what's wrong with today's people, and in the process, come across as a total hypocrite.


“I think we live in a world where people are non-committal," Gundy said. "We allow liberalism to say, ‘Hey, I can just do what I want and I don’t have to really be tough and fight through it.’ You see that with young people because it’s an option they’re given. We weren’t given that option when we were growing up. We were told what to do, we did it the right way, or you go figure it out on your own.

Yep, the coach who annually threatens to leave his alma mater for a better job and fatter paycheck is complaining about today's people being non-committal. I know I'm not a mulleted yahoo from Stillwater, but I'd rather people be upfront and direct about what they want. You know, instead of leaving me in the dark and exploiting me for every dollar, which is what Mike Gundy calls "doing things the right way."

Here's more:

"In the world today, there’s a lot of entitlement. I’m a firm believer in the snowflake... I’m talking about every millennial young person. Generation Z, I think is what they call ’em. It’s the world we live in because if they say, ‘Well, it’s a little bit hard,’ we say, ‘OK, well, let’s go try something else.’ vs. ‘Hey, let’s bear down and let’s fight and do this.’ So you see a lot of that nowadays...

Just to confirm. The guy who coaches for the university that retroactively claimed the 1945 National Championship in a desperate attempt to give the program legitimacy, claimed the Big 12 South Championship despite not winning the Big 12 South, and refused to acknowledge a bitter defeat when his team was unfortunately the victims of atrocious officiating, thinks there's a lot of entitlement in the world and is a firm believer in the snowflake. I guess it takes one to know one.

"That’s just general in society even if you’re working down here at Walmart. Your boss gets after you and tells you that you’re not doing a good job, you may go home and cry and tell your mom, but your mom may say it’s OK. That’s just kind of the facts of life, the world we live in today.

Interesting. I guess the kid from Mike's viral video who would go home and cry "because someone called him fat" must have gotten a job a Walmart. Someone get him some therapy.

Mike concluded his rant with this line:

"Don’t get me on politics.”

I agree 100%. The last thing OSU needs to worry about is Mike Gundy threatening to leave the university to become a Fox News anchor. The network will pay top dollar for his hypocrisy. Plus, he does have a problem with "liberalism."

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