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10 Current and Topical Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

The Halloween Party season officially kicks into high gear this weekend, so it’s time to share our annual selection of Oklahoma Halloween costume ideas. These year's costume theme is "Current and Topical." If done right, they can help you become the darling of any Halloween party, and hopefully help you win a costume contest or three.

Speaking of parties and contests you can win, we should probably tell you that the Oklahoma City Zoo is throwing a huge party on Friday night. It's called "Haunt the Zoo: All Grown Up!" Excluding the parties thrown by capitol lobbyists, it's guaranteed to be the state’s WILDEST ADULT HALLOWEEN PARTY! Guests will enjoy dancing, drinks, spooktacular games and prizes, a tour inside the Zoo's haunted herpetarium, an epic take-home trick-or-treat bag and more! They'll even have something called the Wall of the Weird. More info on that later this week.

Anyway, here are this year's 10 Current and Topical Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas...


1. OKC Cock Ring

This will require some intensive stenciling work, but with one quick trip to Hobby Lobby you can find all the supplies you need to be the shaft inside OKC's most famous work of public art.


2. News 9 "Fact Checker"

For this one, simply spend three hours making your hair look perfect, wear a suit with an Oklahoma lapel pin, and then walk around the Halloween party spinning every fact, including negative ones, into heavily nuanced positives for Kevin Stitt.

"Kevin Stitt has rarely voted, right?"

"That would be misleading. It's true, but only literally. Kevin Stitt wanted to vote, but just didn't have the time because he was busy being an outsider businessman, therefore he voted."


3. Ferengi Edmondson

What would happen if you combined a ruthless Ferengi merchant with the folksy, down home, Democratic party establishment faithfulness of Drew Edmondson? The answer is simple – Ferengi Edmondson!

Simply buy this mask from Amazon and dress up in your wealthy grandpa's favorite outerwear. If trick or treaters come knocking on your door, be sure to give them a Werther's Original.


4. Kevin Stitt's Eyebrow

This costume is guaranteed to scare people at any Halloween event, especially if they voted for Todd Lamb or Mick Cornett.


5. Louie's Commercial Girls

If you're a pretty girl with big boobs and need a last second costume, just dress up like one of the Louie's commercial girls. You may not win a costume contest, but at least Ron Benton will talk to you.

5a. Louie's Commercial Guys

If you're an old man with big boobs and need a last second costume, just wear normal clothes like the Louie's guys. You may not win a costume contest, but at least Ron Benton will talk to you.


6. Julie Ezell

The first step for this costume is to send a fake and threatening invite to yourself. When you get to the party, ask a friend to bribe you with candy. Then smoke a bowl and resign. Hell, have an affair while you're at it.


7. Jailhouse Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic has been a fixture in this series over the years. For this costume, wear orange prison garb and a Joe Dirt wig. If you have one, carry around a stuffed tiger.


8.Teacher Strike Paid Protestors

Halloween is the time to dress up as something that doesn't really exist, like a ghost, monster or paid protestor at the Oklahoma Teachers' Strike. This is easy. Dress up like a regular teacher attending the teachers' strike, but claim you're getting paid by those rich and wealthy teachers' unions. Once again, something that doesn't really exist.


9. School Superintendent Stabbing Teacher In The Back...

This is a good couples costume and perfect if you like elaborate props and gore. One person dresses up like a kind and caring teacher with a knife stabbed in her back. The other person dresses up as a school superintendent with fake blood all over his hands.


10. David Holt

For this costume, wear a suit and tie and walk around your party or event with a giant selfie stick taking photos with anyone and everything. Well, except for the person dressed like the OKC Cock Ring. That's the only thing in town Mayor Holt hasn't taken a selfie with... yet.


Anyway, that is this year's list. If you try out any of these costumes – or have better ideas – let us know in the comments!

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