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Tulsa congressional candidate has mildly amusing TV commercial…

Outside of Kendra Horn's hail Mary chance against Steve Russell, most of the Oklahoma congressional races are all but decided. That includes the battle for House District 1 between Republican Kevin Hern (a McDonald's franchise owner) and Democratic Tim Gilpin (an attorney).

According to Sooner Poll, Hern has a commanding 23-point lead. He's also winning the fundraising battle, raising nearly $2.5-million to Gilpin's measly $271,000. He's also embraced the deplorables who like to flash the old Channel 5 okay sign. Basically, Hern is going to win.

Despite that, Tim Gilpin is still giving the campaign the old college try. Check out this recent campaign ad that spoofs other campaign ads. I ran across it while lurking on the Oklahoma Reddit page:

That's pretty good and everything, and although it's more clever than other ads, it still pushes the same tired campaign ad clichés. If Tim doesn't like ads "that treat voters like they're stupid," and if it's time for "real talk," why doesn't he just sarcastically acknowledge that he doesn't have a chance of winning the election because he's an Oklahoma Democrat being outspent 10 - 1 by a McDonald's franchise owner? That would be funny and honest.

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