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6 Things We’ll Probably See on the New Sonic/Arby’s Menu

7:15 AM EDT on September 26, 2018

Yesterday, news came out that Sonic – the Oklahoma-based corporation known for its roller skate scootin’ carhops and supplying enough Route 44s to make every Oklahoman’s blood type “sugar”– is merging with Arby’s parent company in a $2.3 billion deal. Being that I have an Arts degree and thus have no idea how business works, I am going to assume a merger between the companies means we will soon have a combination Arby’s/Sonic eatery-a “S-arby’s,” if you will. Here are six items we’ll probably see on the new menu!

1. Curly Tots

If the chefs in the Sonic / Arby's test lab can perfect this wonder, the fast food industry will never be the same.


2. Arby’s Sauce Slush

Wish a packet of Horsey Sauce on the side, this slush would combine the sweet, tangy taste of Arby’s sandwich sauce with the cool and refreshing icy burst of the Sonic Slush. Don’t even act like you wouldn’t try it at least once.

3. Three Cheese Roast Beef Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

This sandwich combines the 8-ounce slab of the roast beef and cheese like substance you know and love from Arby’s with the illusion of health you get when your order fried Sonic chicken strips wrapped in a tortilla. With the combination of chicken, bacon, and beef, I’d say you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, but the only animal that doesn’t seem to be represented within the tortilla is a deer.


4. Corn Dog Market Fresh® Sandwich

Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches are delicious and extremely unhealthy. They might as well go all out and throw a corndog on it.


5. The Blue Coconut Jamocha Shake

The Arby’s Jamocha shake is a classic dessert/drink/cheat meal that has blessed the chain’s menu since the 1970s. And why not celebrate the combination of the corporations with the time limited Blue Coconut Jamocha Shake? Like with everything good, classic, and nostalgic, it’s about time Arby’s let their corporation ruin their iconic shake by coming out with “limited edition” Sonic-inspired flavors that nobody has ever asked for.


6. Arby’s Ice

As someone who can honestly say they have refrained from ordering a drink with their Arby’s combo meal so they can drive 3 miles out of the way buy a Dr. Pepper with the “good ice” at Sonic, I can’t tell you exactly what it would mean for me if Arby’s adopted Sonic’s ice. But I’m guessing it would mean at least $5 in weekly saved gas money.


Hayley’s grandparents had their first date at the original Elk City Sonic. It’s since been bulldozed. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek


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