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Oklahoma Reddit user needs fake ID for Third Eye Blind show

5:51 PM EDT on September 20, 2018

Just like TV news channels and other media outlets, we sometimes like to use our massive following and extreme popularity to help Oklahomans in need.

As a result, we have a favor to ask. Can somebody please help out this 20-year-old who needs a fake I.D. to see the Third Eye Blind show in Tulsa tomorrow?

Via Reddit:

Fake ID? from r/oklahoma

Yeah, for those of you with reservations or concerns that this semi-charmed 20-year-old may use a forged, illegal form of identification to purchase and consume alcohol underage, don't worry – He's just going to be using it to go watch Third Eye Blind. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, that trails only "I want to check out Sugar Ray" as the lamest excuse in the world to get a fake ID.

Hating on generic 90s music aside, I still kind of feel sorry for this kid. Back in my day, before holograms, watermarks and laser etchings made their way onto government IDs (and Third Eye Blind was still a popular band), making a fake ID was as easy as having access to a color copier and lamination machine at Mail Boxes Etc:

That fake id, which said I was a 5' 3" female, was originally made as a joke until my friends forced me to use it on a Stax Stax Stax beer run. As long as I could keep it behind the plastic shield in my checkbook wallet, it worked about 90% of the time, and we no longer had to shoulder tap for beer.

I eventually updated the ID, and made myself a more believable 6' 1", 155-lb male. Once again, if I could keep it behind the plastic wallet shield, it worked every time:

Eventually, I was able to pick up a real ID from a friend who looked like me. That worked until I was pulled over one night by the Bethany police, and I had to resort back to the male one until I turned 21. Great memories.

Anyway, if there are any Moles out there working at a tag agency, or know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, you should contact this kid and hook them up. Let's make a difference.



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