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Angry Escaped Rodeo Bull Terrorizes Downtown OKC!!!

Here's a strange story that I can't wait to read about in Sam Anderson's next book about Oklahoma City.

Late last night, a crazed rodeo bull escaped the Stockyards in south OKC, and as if he was starring in a real life, redneck version of Rampage, immediately set his sights, horns and rage on downtown Oklahoma City, sending citizens fleeing into rivers and alleys to avoid his wrath, before an untimely death outside some loft apartments on 13th.

Here are the totally real details via

Police were called about a vicious bull about 9:45 p.m. that had escaped a pen in the Stockyards and charged a person near Exchange Avenue and S Pennsylvania Avenue, said police spokeswoman Megan Morgan.

The bull made its way downtown, nearing St. Anthony Hospital and the downtown bus station before it ended up in front of the Garage Loft Apartments on NW 13 between Robinson and Broadway avenues.

A person had to jump into the Oklahoma River to escape the bull, she said.

Another person was nearly crushed when it charged near NW 3 and Walker Avenue, but the bull missed, according to the incident report.

The bull then rammed a police car near NW 3 and Dean A. McGee Avenue, the report states.

Crazy stuff, huh? The story was first broken by local police scanner citizen journalist Robert Moose. He live-tweeted the bull's journey on Twitter, and shared some police scanner audio. If you want to hear cops discuss how to corral a cow while searching for cowboys in downtown OKC, it's worth a listen.

We asked for a photo of the bull on Twitter. This is the best we got:

Yeah, that's the best photo we could find. You'd think in the day of camera phones there would be a better one. But as we know, downtown OKC can still be a bit empty on Monday night. If you find a better one, send it our way.

Unfortunately, the night on the town would be the bull's last. After being corralled by cops and urban cowboys, he collapsed and died:

Officers were able to corral the bull using police cars near NW 13 and Hudson Avenue about 10:25 p.m.

While being subdued, the bull collapsed and died, police report. Police reported the cause of death is unknown.

Poor guy. At least he had a little fun before going to bull heaven. I'm sure he's going to be quite the folk hero amongst imprisoned cows from all over the state. In other news, does this mean everyone in downtown gets free hamburgers and steaks on Friday?

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