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Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the world!


Add another feather to the Oklahoma embarrassing achievements hat!

According to a recent study by the Prison Policy Institute, Oklahoma has finally overtaken Louisiana to become "the world's prison capital." Yes, that's right! Not only does Oklahoma's incarceration rate of 1,079 citizens per 100,000 residents now lead the United States, it's also higher than every other country in the world.

Just check out this convenient graphic the Prison Policy Institute put together. When it comes to locking up its own citizens, Oklahoma is literally off the charts when compared to other "civilized" democracies!


Here's where we rank next to other states:

Wow! Congrats Oklahoma lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, sheriffs, police departments, private prison lobbyists, local news media, and other elected officials, you've collectively built one hell of a publicly funded for-profit industry here in Oklahoma! You're quite the innovators and should be proud of the fine work you've done growing the Oklahoma penal system, and making Oklahoma the number one place in the world for license plate production time.

That being said, don't get too comfortable or complacent. You know Louisiana is going to rebuild, and Mississippi is always a threat to overtake us in the race to the bottom. Are there any more victimless crimes to seek out and enforce? Perhaps conduct a couple of extra prostitution stings at the Biltmore Hotel? Maybe entrap a few more people to commit petty drug crimes? Or better yet, sneak in another draconian law or fine into the books? You know, something to boost our numbers. Getting to the top is easy. Staying there is the hard part.

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