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If an Okie Republican wants to murder the sick and disabled, it must be Wednesday…

According to that Liberal rag Raw Story, Tulsan Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Barnett—I’ve never heard of him either—is finding himself in hot amitriptyline after posting a couple of times on social media his belief that the elderly and disabled should be euthanized once they outlive their supposed usefulness. I wish this was shocking news but, to be fair, it's just another Wednesday here in Oklahoma. Here’s the clips before they were deleted…

Yikes! Even for an Oklahoma GOPer, that’s some next-level sociopathic masturbation material. However, as damning as that all is, according to the front page of his campaign website, Barnett is now saying that Facebook is “at it again” and he was “hacked.” Because of course he is. From his website:

Facebook is at again.  They are trying to sway another election.  I have not had any access to my Facebook page for several days.  When this took place, myself, nor my husband were even remotely on the internet or even our phones.  We were celebrating mothers day, all day long with our family.  Thank you Facebook.  Facebook needs to have a dedicated team to help its victims who have been compromised and pay a special level of attention to political candidates because timing is everything for elections. Facebook, are you going to pay for my continued security detail?

While I'm as conspiratorial as the next guy, I highly doubt the faceless minions of Facebook are behind this deviousness because, let's be honest, this is probably the best thing that could have happened to Barnett. There are so many Oklahomans that actually share his beliefs and now those people know who he is and know they have a third option over Mick Cornett and Todd Lamb. I'd start building that secret hiding place in the wall for Grandma, just in case.

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