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Dean Blevins tweets checking account info for world to see…

Here's something I bet you never thought would happen. Dean Blevins did something stupid on Twitter!

Yesterday afternoon, Dean "The Stream" Blevins for some unknown reason tweeted a photo of a $647 personal check made out to his personal tailor Hans Herman. It was for slacks, socks and a tie.

Naturally, the routing, account and check number, along with Dean's personal mailing address, were all clearly visible on the check. Dean deleted the tweet a few minutes later, but not before an Ogle Mole sent us this screenshot:

Sorry. I did the right thing and blurred out Dean's account number and other details. I'm sure Russian hackers and News 9 interns already have that data, but it felt like the appropriate thing to do.

As you know, this isn't the first Twitter gaffe for Deano. He was suspended from News 9 for two weeks in 2017 after he tweeted video of a Bourbon Street flasher. He's also drawn heat for things he's tweeted about immigrants and beer at baseball games. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if he's the guy in charge of Kevin Durant's burner account.

Anyway, I guess the question here is why is Dean tweeting pics that show he paid $647 for slacks, a tie and socks? With that much money you can buy out the entire men's department at Kohl's! Was he trying to document an expense and accidentally tweet it, or was this simply code for Kelly Ogle to go collect money for Hookie the Bookie. Just like why Dean is allowed to have a Twitter account, I doubt we'll ever know the true answer.


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