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Oklahoma State Rep auditions to write for The Lost Ogle…

A few weeks back, I announced that we are looking for some new contributors to join the TLO fold. I was expecting about 3 - 5 half-assed responses. I was wrong. If you're one of the 40 or so people who emailed me about becoming a TLO contributor, please have some patience. My work plate already looks like it just went through the line at Golden Corral, so it may take a bit for me to get back with you.

One person who recently auditioned via Facebook is Oklahoma State Rep Josh West. He's a former military guy, and by all accounts, your typical Oklahoma Republican lawmaker. He's pro-gun, pro-life and pro-pandering-to-idiots to get elected. It's why he says stuff like this on the campaign trail:

“Oklahoma continues to have to deal with the damage left by the Obama administration and its liberal allies,” West added. “In order to accomplish this, we need strong, principled leaders who will not back down in defense of our freedom.”

Yep, all the problems in Oklahoma are the fault of Obama and his pesky liberal allies. Remember when Obama voted to set the GPT at 2%, cut state income taxes on top earners, and not accept Medicaid funding? I don't know how this state will ever undo the damage he caused!

Anyway, Josh recently shared a Facebook post where he tore into Tom Coburn and many of the impractical, anti-tax crazies in the Oklahoma legislature who are fighting to block the recently passed teacher pay raise bill. You can check it out after the jump. I think he may have been auditioning to write for The Lost Ogle.

It could have used a couple of additional local references, some profanity or maybe a "seriously" or two, but it's a very solid start. It's fun and refreshing to see a hypocritical politician who's not our president act all unprofessional, burn bridges and creatively call out his colleagues in an open forum. I'll get back with Josh, and our other contributor applicants, whenever I can find some time.

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