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KFOR “Blooper” of Lucas Ross goes national…

Here at The Lost Ogle, we're always suckers for a good, authentic local news blooper. For example, who can forget the time Jessica Schambach talked about cheap shit wedding dresses?

Or what about the time Chellie Mills fainted during a live broadcast from the Memorial Marathon?

And, of course, my favorite local TV news blooper of all-time that's still on YouTube – Meg Alexander wandering onto the KFOR set while looking for her bottle of white zin.

Knowing how much we love bloopers, you'd think we'd really enjoy the one that occurred last week when KFOR funnyman Lucas Ross "slipped" and "fell down" while dancing a jig with Emily Sutton on Rise and Shine Oklahoma. The "blooper" made both The Today Show and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Here it is:

Hehe. That's funny! Lucas fell down while dancing a jig during the weather forecast?! What a silly character! Can you believe it??!

Actually, I can believe it. Not to be Debbie O'Downer here, but didn't that "blooper" look kind of staged? Just look at what Emily Sutton said right after he fell down:

"You really did fall." The fact the Emily used the words "really" and "did" leads me to believe there was some sort of previous discussion about Lucas falling down. You know something like this:

"Hey, Emily! I'm going to River Dance onto the 11-day forecast."

"Hehe. That's silly. Just don't fall down."

(Light bulb goes off in Lucas's head.)

"Haha. I won't. Also, have you seen my water-squirting shamrock lapel pen? I want to get Kent with it."

Also, this is Lucas Ross we're talking about. He's nice and means well, but we already know he is an odd guy. And let's be honest, if anyone in this town was going to fall on purpose to get a cheap laugh and few minutes of national television fame, it would be the guy who will perform sketch comedy with an accordion and banjo for any youth group, county fair or rotary club that will take him.

Seriously, just look at the dude. He screams "fall down on purpose and pretend it's an accident."

Naturally, Lucas ate up the attention from the "Blooper" and went full-goofball in one last attempt for national media attention:

OMG. He's wearing a neck brace. Hysterical. And it actually worked:

That's cool. I have no clue who Willie Geist is, but he's on TV and has a lot of followers so he must be famous. I bet Lucas felt pretty good that he responded.

Anyway, we wish Lucas the best of luck as he "recovers" from his accident. It will be interesting to see what slapstick gag...errrr.... blooper happens next. I bet five dollars he steps on the end of a strategically placed board in the KFOR studio that flies up and pegs him in the face.

P.s. - Here's the clip from Last Week Tonight. It also includes a clip of Meg Alexander talking about her loose-fitting breeches falling down:


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