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Ryan Tate is a now shady used car salesman…

I think we found a new employee for David Stanley!

Last week, KFOR reported that our old pal Ryan Tate – the former head at Tate Publishing who is facing several indictments for fraudulent business practices – allegedly tried to sell a junker to an unsuspecting couple from Mustang.

Here are the details:

A metro couple says they were conned into buying a bad car...

Josh and La Tasha LaGrange needed a car so they took their search to Facebook.

“We decided to purchase the car from Mr. Tate and he wrote us a two week warranty on it and that was January 31st, and February 4th, the car broke down," said La Tasha.

Engine problems stalled the car, along with communication with the previous owner when they asked for the car to be repaired.

So, they decided to search him on the internet to see who they were dealing with.

“All of a sudden, we've seen all these news articles, newspaper reports,” said La Tasha.

I'm sure that was scary. I guess it also explains why we were recently hit with a bunch of google queries for "Holy shit! I bought a car from Ryan Tate. What should I do?!"

KFOR and the LaGrange's called Ryan Tate to get their money back. It actually work:

Over the phone with News 4, the LaGrange's told Ryan Tate they wanted their money back.

“Uh, no. We've been probably talking to them for two weeks about this,” Ryan Tate responded.

Finally, the LaGrange’s gave Ryan Tate one last option.

“We were promised our mechanic could do the work. You don't want my mechanic to do the work and pay for it, then we would like a replacement or our money back. One or the other, that's it,” said La Tasha.

A few hours after our interview, Ryan Tate paid the LaGrange’s back their $1,900 for the car.

It's nice that the LaGrange's got their money back so they can buy another shitty used car, but in all fairness to Ryan, why doesn't KFOR show the same vigor in covering other shady local car dealers? For example, why did they not investigate David Stanley after the dealership was hit with that $350,000 fine for misleading and deceptive advertising? Where are the stories about all the people who have filed lawsuits against the company for shady business practices? Maybe Ryan should buy some KFOR advertising so they'll look the other way and leave him alone.

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