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Someone wants Scott Inman’s “secrets”

10:35 AM EST on February 20, 2018

Last week, a Facebook page named "Scott's Secret" made the rounds on the Oklahoma political social media sphere.

It's a page and website dedicated to uncovering "secrets" about Oklahoma lawmaker and former gubernatorial candidate Scott Inman – the guy who announced he was dropping out of the gubernatorial race and resigning from office to "reprioritize his life" after a public spat with his wife, only to turn around a few months later during Christmas break and announce he's done prioritizing.

Here's the Facebook header graphic for the site:

That's nice, but if you're trying to shame Scott Inman, at least use the image where he looks ashamed:

See? Much better.

This post specifically requests tips about "What Scott Inman is hiding." I would say the most obvious answer is his hair:

Is publicly and anonymously seeking dirt on public officials ethical or dirty? I don't know. As the Braum's fiasco taught us, sometimes it's necessary. That being said, this feels a bit off. The Scott Inman rumor mill is so 2017! He's not that relevant any more. At least he shouldn't be. Trust me, there are juicier things going on in Democratic politics than who or what Scott Inman let rub his forehead on the campaign trail.

I guess the big question is who or what group is behind the page. My gut instinct tells me it's Al Gerhart with the Sooner Tea Party. Although I fundamentally disagree with him on most things, you have to give the man credit – he's one hell of a troll!

And I'm not just talking about looks! He's been a thorn in the side of every Republican politician who doesn't fall-in line with his extremist, anti-government libertarian ideology, gobbling them up like billy goats crossing a bridge to nowhere. He's even been convicted, and then exonerated, for blackmail! I can respect that.

Anyway, a hit piece like this is right up Gerhart's alley. The website even links to several Gerhart quotes and salacious Sooner Tea Party articles. That could be the red herring. The only person in this world who would cite or quote Al Gerhart is Al Gerhart.

Then again, we can’t count out the oil overlords. Inman's fire and brimstone speech on the house floor against Step Up Oklahoma – the take it or leave it middle class tax increase plan put forth by the oil overlords – had to ruffle some feathers in Larry Nichols' hen-house. They could be involved, too.

Anyway, if you have any secrets you'd like to share about Scott Inman, I guess email the weirdos with Scott's Secret. If you have secrets about Oklahoma politicians that are of any actual importance, email us.

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