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James Lankford is “disappointed” in our shithole president…

Late in 2016, a month or so after Trump won the election, we published the transcript of a secret conference call between Oklahoma Senator James Lankford and various members of the Oklahoma ruling class. In it, he expressed some of his valid worries and concerns about The Donald.

About a week later, News 9 picked up on the story that they found in an "online tabloid" and filed their own report. Lankford then issued the following tweet:

Well, I guess the local for-profit news media isn't the only thing that "disappoints" the former church camp director. Check out the statement he issued following Trump's infamous "shit hole" comments:

GOP Sen. James Lankford (Okla.) said Thursday that President Trump's reported comment that many U.S. immigrants come from "shithole countries" was "disappointing," adding to the massive backlash Trump has faced over the remarks.

"If these comments are accurate, they are disappointing," Lankford said in a statement. "I would not talk about nations like this, because I believe the people of those countries are made in the image of God and have worth and human dignity."

The conservative senator's comments come after The Washington Post reported that he had called Haiti and some African nations "shithole countries" during a heated meeting with lawmakers on immigration.

Wow. What a pansy. "Disappointing" is a favorite word of shithole enablers like James Lankford. I bet it's a word he said all the time to the kids at Falls Creek Church Camp:

"I'm not mad you kissed that boy behind the cabin, Elliot. I'm just disappointed... and so is God."

Seriously, where was this disappointment when it came time to vote for the President's tax bill? Lankford's like the Edmond dad who's "disappointed" that his son skips class and smokes weed and then goes out and buys him a new Mustang for his birthday.

Anyway, this will probably piss some people off, but Trump's comments really didn't bother me all that much. Sure, it was politically incorrect, and not the nicest or most respectful way to describe other countries, but there was some truth to what he said. And it's alright for me to say that because I currently live in what most people consider to be a shithole state.

Fair or not, there are shithole countries out there that people desperately want to escape from. I guess the difference between me and Trump – remember, we are pals – is I don’t have a problem with people from shithole countries coming here in search of a better life. That's what America is all about – people leaving their shithole country for a better opportunity in our asshole country. I would just warn those people to watch what they wish for.

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